Thursday, June 9, 2011

turning the page...

After 2 years in the St. Louis Park school district, I am closing another chapter in my life. From my first job at Cedar Manor in SPED to SPED at SLP Junior High, and then as an IA in 6th grade; it has been an WiLd ride!! Some of you who read this will understand why! :)

In the past two years I have met such great people, many of whom I will be life long friends with. I have learned so much about myself-- especially the amount of patience I didn't know I had!!

Here are some photos of the last two years, including some of the AMAZING students and friends I have made along the way...

my SLP JH  room 209 friends!!

  a little blurry....        Molly's class

 the charmer

the diva princess

  Cedar Manor room 216 Talent Show!

 Celebration! haha food is EvErYwHeRe!

  the BEST dancer to "La Bamba" I've ever seen...

<3 him... he's the reason I stuck with my job after being transferred

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